Hi! I'm Melanie! Welcome to my photography site Central Coast Reflections. I'm very excited to have it up and running. I've been a life-long, avid photographer and have always loved capturing beautiful scenery. When I got my hands on my first digital camera (a borrowed point-n-shoot 4.0 megapixel camera), I experienced a renewed enthusiasm in photography and developed a more creative eye in cropping and editing my own photos. My photos then began to evoke comments from friends and family to do more with my photos and possibly make a living at something I love - Wow! Wouldn't that be kewl! Well, here we are! Now with upgraded equipment and the desire to capture photos that are unique and that capture your interest. I hope you like my galleries and that you find a piece you would like to display in your home.

Thanks for visiting and come again soon!

Melanie Peterson
Central Coast Reflections